For busy mum’s on the go, or just to make life a little easier, this Fuelbaby Bottle is ideal!

As a mum of two, I am constantly on the go – planning, cleaning, preparing, packing…repeat.., so anything to make my day hassle free is much welcomed.

Packed in it’s quirky branded box, this clever new bottle range which comes in three different colours – blue, pink and yellow, is made with two separate compartments – the top for water and the bottom for formula. It allows you to prepare the water and formula separately all in one bottle, until it’s ready to be mixed and fed to baby. It saves a lot of messing around trying to pour the formula into the bottle from another container, all the while trying to balance your hungry baby with your other hand and cope with the noise of loud hungry cries!

With Fuelbaby Bottle you just prepare before you go, and when needed, all you have to do is push the bottom of the bottle which releases the ball to mix the water and formula together, and shake! Simple as that.

Although I found this bottle to be really convenient and easy to use, you need to be aware that the formula compartment is not steam sterilising friendly, and if done so, the rubber seals will be ruined and leak water from top compartment into the formula.

Overall a great idea for a bottle – it cuts out messy situations and makes feeding on the go a whole lot easier.

Check out the Fuelbaby Bottle website for more details and purchasing.

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for review purposes.